December 4, 2021 Buying

Home Buyer Checklist

By Kate Barker

There’s nothing more exciting that walking into your dream home and falling in love with the perfectly staged interior. It can be easy to miss important factors about the house in all the excitement. Here are 5 things on your home buyer checklist to make sure you check during an open house to get an idea of the home’s condition.

1) Windows

Will they let the sunlight in during the long, cold winter? Are they drafty? Are you getting the views you want? Or are you looking into your neighbour’s bedroom?

2) Under the Sink

In the kitchen or bathroom, check to make sure there isn’t water damage under the sinks. This could be a symptom plumbing problems and a precursor to mold.

3) Under the Rugs

That throw rug looks lovely, but is it hiding potential problems with the flooring underneath? Don’t be afraid to take a look. You’re here to see the house, not the staged furniture.

4) Electrical Panel

While this will be covered in a home inspection, take a peek at the electrical panel during the open house. Messy and disconnected wires could be a hazard you catch early on.

5) Ceilings

Look up! What does the ceiling look like? Small hairline cracks are normal, but larger cracks can indicate problems with the foundation while stains can indicate leaks or mould.

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