November 3, 2020 Mountain Living

Dog-gone It!

By Kate Barker

It’s said there are more dogs than people living in Canmore. Whether or not this is true, there’s something about the mountains that calls dog lovers.

Because we live so closely with wildlife, it is very important dogs be kept on-leash at all times in town, and on the surrounding trails. Dogs are known to disturb bears, ungulates and even cougars when they get out of sight from their owners.

Luckily, Canmore has some great dog parks where you and your pooch can roam free and make a few friends along the way.

The Quarry Lake Dog Park is everyone’s favourite. It’s the largest off-leash area in town with room to roam in the large field and through the trees. There’s even a pond! This busy area is a great place for dogs to blow off steam and run with their buddies. It’s popular with locals and tourists alike, so there are always new friends to meet! Please note the signage, as the area directly around Quarry Lake is a dog-free zone!

The Cougar Creek Dog Park is nestled between Highways 1 and 1A. With plenty of parking, this area is a great spot for after work or evening jaunts with the pooches. It’s popular with locals and has some great areas for dogs to find their full speed. Meet your friends, both human and canine, and enjoy a run at this long, fenced off-leash zone

The Elk Run Dog Park is a bit smaller, but it still has parking and some nice features. It mostly services the residents of Cougar Creek area, and it can be busy in the mornings and evenings for the before and after work crowds. During the day, this park is often quiet, making it a great option to explore with a dog who is younger or a bit shy.

Canmore also has two neighbourhood dog parks, which directly service the surrounding residents. Parking is not readily available at these spots, but they’re hidden gems if you live nearby! Palliser Dog Park is a fenced area for the condo developments in that area, and it can get quite busy during peak times! Likewise, Hubman Dog Park services the Three Sisters Area, and is within walking distance of many of the larger developments.

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