January 4, 2021 Mountain Living

In The Neighbourhood: Spring Creek

By Kate Barker

What started as developer Frank Kernick’s vision to develop a classic, authentic neighbourhood, filled with true local spirit and camaraderie, has developed into Spring Creek, “The Heart of Canmore“.

This central neighbourhood is surrounded by two creeks and the valley location has stunning mountain views, wherever you decide to look. Extensive trail networks lead to the vibrant downtown and custom bridges cross the creeks so residents can access the town’s interconnected trail networks right form their front doors.

The buildings in this neighbourhood combine modern style with traditional mountain materials such as timber, glass and stone. The construction is designed to celebrate the mountains while providing stunning views, comfortable and functional living spaces, as well as aesthetically pleasing architecture.

Spring Creek is more than just a housing development. It’s a community that’s connected to the surrounding landscapes, and to each other. From the active retirement residence, Origin, to the residential developments and Canmore’s only 4-star luxury hotel, The Malcolm, Spring Creek combines people of all ages and from around the world to provide a community that’s both international and distinctly local.

Spring Creek houses the Canmore Opera House, a central hub of the mountain town since the early 1900s. Originally built in 1898 from logs harvested from nearby mountain slopes, the Opera House hosted concerts, plays, dances and other events. In the mid 1960’s, the building was sold and moved to Calgary’s Heritage Park. The development plan for Spring Creek included building a replica of the Camera Opera House, so the community could once again have a place to gather for entertainment and local events.

Spring Creek is also home to unique art galleries, exclusive shops and the community hub: The Mineshaft Tavern. Located in the centre of this development, the pub is designed to bring everyone together for a good drink, good food and a good time. The active homeowner’s association regularly organizes events and outings to allow neighbours to connect within their community.

“It’s gorgeous and scenic with beautiful trails along the creek. My favourite place in Canmore.” – Homeowner Shalon D.

This active mountain community is still expanding! The 70-acre lot that is Spring Creek is still under development, with lots of time to shape your dream home. Are you ready to discover the Heart of Canmore?

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