October 3, 2022 Mountain Living

Tech Solutions to Improve Your Vacation Rental

By Kate Barker

Vacation rentals are a great investment, especially in busy tourist towns like Canmore. With so many to choose from, you’ll want yours to stand out amongst the crowd. There are a few simple tech set-ups that can help this happen, and they’ll make both you and your guests enjoy the process of renting the home a whole lot more.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a great way to provide keyless entry to the home, and they can be reprogrammed after each visit. This saves everyone time and convenience since nobody needs to physically be there when guests check in and out. This also improves guest experience if people are travelling with more than one person, as they can all have access to the house, even on different schedules.

Smart Thermostat

Wifi controlled thermostats are great for guests and owners alike. The guests can set the temperature of the unit when they’re staying there, while the owners can remotely turn the temperature up or down when they’re not, meaning you can save money when the place is vacant. You can also remotely turn up the heat before guests arrive, so they can come into a warm and inviting space. If you set highs and lows for the temperature in the unit, your guests won’t overdo it and cost you a lot of extra money on your utilities bill.

Digital House Guide

Don’t want to check guests in and out? There are many software solutions to allow guests to handle this aspect on their own. Include check in and check out information, but also frequently asked questions, a simple outline about where to find things in the house, and even a guide to the best places in the area to eat, shop, and explore. This added touch will make your place feel extra swanky, but it will also be convenient for guests to come and go as they please, and to have many of their questions answered instantly.

Noise Monitoring

This one is more for you as the homeowner and your neighbours
who have to listen to your vacationers party in the house. These simple devices monitor noise levels and can send messages if the volume gets too loud or lasts too long. This way, guests who are inclined to party can receive warnings before things get out of hand. Guests looking for a quiet vacation will appreciate this type of technology as well, since it signals they’ll be visiting a quiet neighbourhood.

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