October 20, 2023 Selling

Brighten up a Dark Space with Creative Staging

By Kate Barker

Many places in the Bow Valley have large windows with spectacular mountain views. But if you’re property isn’t so stellar in the window department, or you’re not on the sunny side of town, your space may look a little dark. Here are 5 ways to brighten up your dark space so it can look its best when it’s time to sell.

1) Paint it up

A bright space reflects light, so choose paint accordingly. White is the brightest choice, but it can look dirty if it’s not done properly. Make sure the paint has a cool base tone so the walls don’t end up appearing dingy. A touch up of light, neutral paint while staging a dark space, or any space, in your house will brighten up any room.

2) Change your lights

There are so many lighting options available and it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Choose lightbulbs that give off more white light, as opposed to a yellow glow. This will make a darker space feel much bigger and brighter.

3) Add some mirrors

A well placed mirror will draw the eye, making the space look bigger, but it’ll also reflect light, making the place that much brighter. Reflecting light like this also makes it look more natural, as opposed to direct artificial light from a central location.

4) Declutter

A busy room will make the space feel smaller. When staging your home, prospective buyers want to see themselves living in the space, not the previous owners. So a good declutter will not only help brighten up the place, but it’s a good staging tip too.

5) Choose the right furniture

That extra stuffed loveseat that’s oh-so-comfortable? It doesn’t help your dark space look its best. Sure, for you it was a great way to unwind and relax, but if you want your dark space to shine, look for something lightweight with clean lines. Slimmer furniture looks lighter and makes the entire room appear brighter too.

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