January 26, 2023 Selling

Curb Appeal: How to increase your home’s allure this winter

By Kate Barker

Selling in winter has a bad reputation, but buyers at this time of year are serious about purchasing a home. A first impression can be a lasting one, so you want to make your house inviting, even during the chilly days of winter. Here are some tips to increase your home’s curb appeal during the frosty months.

Get Shovelling

One of the most important steps to showing a home in winter is to keep walkways, driveways, and sidewalks properly cleared. No one wants to slip and fall, and you don’t want to remind people how much work it is to maintain the property in the winter. A clean driveway and walkway will allow visitors to safely walk to your home and see what it has to offer.

Touch Ups

Spruce up the little things to make your winter home look lovely. New numbers on the house or a fun paint colour on the door can give your home some personality without breaking the bank. Painting during extremely cold weather may not allow the paint to cure properly, so this may take some planning and forethought if a touch up is in your winter selling plans.

Add a Few Plants

There are several shrubs and evergreens that can add some colour to the outside of your home. While winter berries are wildlife attractants, and therefore not the right choice for the Bow Valley, synthetic ones can still give a pop of colour and look great in planters.

Light it Up

Make sure your walkways are properly lit. Lighting is a safety issue, but extra light also helps add length to the short days of winter. Warm lights cast downward will create a cozy feeling to the house, which can be very inviting to a potential buyer. There are plenty of solar options that won’t break the bank, and they’re a great investment that won’t affect the power bill.

Make it Cozy

Have a comfortable chair on your deck? Add a warm, fuzzy throw before your open house to create a cozy space. Make sure the area is cleared of snow and ice to create this welcoming vista. Combined with a freshly painted door and new numbers, your house will give off a comfortable vibe long before the potential buyers even reach the front door.

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