February 18, 2022 Selling

Common DIY Disasters

By Kate Barker

Winter is a great time to tackle some indoor, DIY projects around the home. With the shorter days and long, chilly nights, you might as well be productive if you’re stuck indoors. But knowing when to DIY or when to call a pro can be challenging, and it’s easy to fall into common mistakes. Here are 4 common pitfalls that can lead to DIY disasters.

  1. Overestimating your skills

Sure you have a couple tools and some handyman skills, but actually doing a renovation takes a lot of skill and know-how. If it’s not perfect, it will stand out. Buyers will notice bowed flooring, uneven trim, and light fixtures that just aren’t right. Any unfinished projects will also look out of place, and they can decrease the perceived value of your home.

  1. Underestimating your time

Maybe you do have the skills to tackle that bathroom reno, but do you have the time to get it finished before selling your house? With work and family commitments, leisure time, and any unexpected surprises, that month-long project may stretch into the busy season, and then get put on the backburner altogether. Make sure you allot extra time and be honest about your other life commitments.

  1. Not getting permits

Do you know what permitting is required for your DIY project? Does it need to be inspected? Your work still needs to be safe and adhere to building code. Do your research ahead of time to avoid any mishaps down the road that may cause a buyer to back out because of something as silly as a permit.

  1. Not seeing the big picture

Many people go the DIY route to save money, but often end up spending more than hiring a professional in the first place. Professionals have the right tools and know-how to make the project go seamlessly, and they may even know a few ways to save you money. A professional renovation that’s well designed, well executed, and suited to your house will increase the value of your home, while a botched, unfinished or unpermitted one will have the opposite effect.

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