June 16, 2021 Selling

Spring into Selling

By Kate Barker

The leaves are out, the birds are back and it’s the perfect time to sell your home. Staging your home to sell starts with the exterior, and one easy and affordable way to spruce up the outside of your home is with blooming flowers.

Not only do they look nice, but the fragrance can remind buyers of summer breezes and make them think about spending time outside on this very property. Don’t know where to start? Here are some simple and easy blooms to bring some curb appeal to your home.


These beautiful flowers come in many different colours, and they can bloom at different times throughout the summer. Their large, vibrant flower looks both delicate and stunning, but lilies are a relatively easy plant to grow. Some varieties are hardier than others, but they always make for a stunning show leading up to any property. Plant lilies in a sunny location to give your home a beautiful pop of colour!


Alberta is known for wild roses, but there are many domestic varieties that do well in a garden. These classic blooms are attractive to many potential buyers because of their beautiful colour and easily recognizable flowers. Roses love sunshine, and they do best when planted near the foundation or walkway of a home, so they have some protection from frost and summer snowstorms. These buds come in several colours, so there’s always something that will catch the eye of potential buyers!


Tulips are a relatively easy plant to grow. If you know in the fall you’d like to sell in the spring, planting some tulips will bring a beautiful pop of colour to the first impression of your home. Tulips have a relatively short blooming season, so planting over several weeks will give a vibrant pop of colour throughout the spring. Tulips come in almost every colour imaginable, so there’s something to compliment your house. Staging experts suggest yellow in the early spring, as this catches the eye of potential buyers and gives them a sense of the coming warm season.


If you haven’t planted bulbs, bright and colourful annuals will give your home a stunning look without much preparation. You can purchase annuals already in bloom, and many will continue to be vibrant throughout the summer season. If you just don’t have a green thumb, pre-made baskets, urns or planters are a relatively affordable way to transform the outside of your home from bland to beautiful. And the best part? They’re already prepared by a professional to look stunning!

Looking for inspiration? Stop by the Bow Valley Garden Centre to see what’s in season!

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