December 5, 2022 Selling

Gift Guide for Your Old Home’s New Owners

By Kate Barker

You sold your home! This is often a bittersweet time as you reminisce about your time in this space while excitedly preparing to move on to something new. What’s more, you house will now become a home to some entirely new people. It can be nice to leave a little gift for your old home’s new owners as they start their journey in this space. But what do you get someone you really know next-to-nothing about? Here are some ideas.

Welcome Mat

Nothing says welcome to your new home like a mat that literally says “welcome”! Whether you go for something that suits the house or you opt for something personal because you know the buyers, a new welcome mat is a nice gift that will get practical use when the new owners move in.

Mailing Labels

Creating a mailing label with the new owner’s names and the address of the house is a simple and personal way to pass the torch, and it’s something practical they’ll use. While it’s not necessarily something they’ll need right away, it’s a nice way to welcome them to their new home.

Neighbourhood Guide

Leaving a note about your favourite places in the neighbourhood will help as the new owners start to explore. Include things like favourite restaurants, best coffee shops, your go-to walking route, and anything else that you loved about living in this house. 

A Bottle of Bubbly

When in doubt, a celebratory bottle of champaign and a welcome note are a great gift. It sends the message that you’re excited for them to start their new adventure in your old space. Did you hear the homebuyers mention a favourite drink during the sale process? Buying that adds a personal touch to their move-in celebration.

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