November 3, 2020 Selling

Picture Perfect

By Kate Barker

A professional photographer can capture your home for a quick selling experience.

It’s well known that the internet is changing the way people shop. This is also true for real estate. According to a study by VHT Studios, homes with high quality, professional real estate photos sell 32% faster than houses with average quality, DIY photos. This reflects the current trend that 51% of homebuyers purchase a home they initially found online, and about 95% of homebuyers begin their house hunting with an online search.

With all this in mind, it’s more important than ever to have professional photography to sell your home. Trevor Martin, owner of Canmore HD Photography, specializes in taking high quality photographs of homes for sale in Canmore. His combined background in photography, filmography and real estate allows him to capture the best features of a home and present them in a way that speaks to buyers. He says, “So many people are making decisions online, and often, people have made the decision to buy a home before they get to Canmore. It’s important to provide a showcase so nothing is missed, and emotions are triggered with the photography. It removes the obstacles so the buyer can come in and say, ‘Let’s make an offer!’”

“Canmore homes are beautiful, and they need to look beautiful in the photography. It’s important for the buyer to see the potential of what’s out there.”

Hiring the right photographer makes all the difference. Martin stresses the need for a photographer who understands the visual marketing strategy of selling a home. He says, “I like to work with the homeowners to make sure they’re comfortable and to give them a sense of what’s helping sell their property visually.” Martin also does measurements, so his imagery lines up with the floorplan to give an accurate representation of the scope of the home.

Proper measuring and photography add to a growing trend in online home sales: the 3D Virtual Tour. This virtual tour involves taking a series of 360° panoramic shots and stitching them together so the homeowner or real estate agent can walk a client through the house. “I use a special camera that does two things,” says Martin, “It creates the virtual tour and includes a laser measurement system, which takes precise measurements of the home. It gives the potential buyer the full package: high quality photography, a 3D walkthrough and a very detailed floorplan.”

A professional photographer does the best work with a home that’s ready. “Homeowners should get their home ready as if I was a potential buyer,” says Martin. The home should be clean and staged for the best possible photos.

Professional photographers can be booked online or through your real estate agent. Ask around to find the best photographer for your area and get selling your house faster!



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