March 30, 2021 Selling

5 Reasons to Sell this Spring!

By Kate Barker

Spring is just around the corner, and this is the perfect time of year to sell your property! After a winter of snow, ice, short days and cold weather, everyone is excited to get out and embrace the changing seasons. Here are five reasons to sell this spring.

1) Spring Fever

People want to get outside! There’s something about increased sunshine and warmer weather that gets people motivated to make positive changes. This includes buying a home! Longer days also mean there’s more time and motivation to look at properties. After the dark days of winter, buyers are ready to get out and see what’s on the market. Canadian RE/MAX brokers say they see more buyers in the spring. They also say people are more encouraged to spend money on their next property!

2) Perfect Timing

Selling in the spring makes sense for many families with children. Purchasing a home in the spring means moving during early summer and it still leaves time to enjoy what’s left of the holidays, get settled into a new community, and get registered before the new school year begins. People also had all winter to get their finances in order and do their research. This means they’re prepared, savvy and ready to make a purchase. Buyers are  looking to make a move before their spring window times out.

3) Curb Appeal

After the snow and ice melts, your yard can look inviting with green grass, budding trees and some bright spring flowers. The freshness of spring makes your home even more exciting for buyers, and the warmer weather makes them want to admire your yard before entering the house. Want to take this to the next level? Experts suggest adding yellow flowers for a pop of colour. Yellow daffodils or tulips are some of the first signs of early spring rebirth, and this appeals to many people after a grey winter.

4) Better Bids

The spring market is competitive. There are usually the most buyers in the spring which means there is more competition for your home. This is also the time of year that sees the most bidding wars, as all of those competitive buyers try to find their perfect properties. Bidding wars often mean a higher price for the seller. The market is typically the most competitive between March and June, when buyers are trying to get their timing just right to move into their new home before the fall.

5) Faster Sales

The combination of increased demand, spring fever, perfect timing, better curb appeal and better bids all work together to help your home sell faster in the spring. On average, homes have the potential to sell up to 6 days faster in the spring than any other season, according to Alberta research.

So what are you waiting for? Contact your real estate agent today and get the process started!

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