January 4, 2021 Selling

Winter Selling Myths – Debunked!

By Kate Barker

Winter markets have a reputation for being as cold as the mountain air, but just because the market isn’t as hot as typical spring or fall seasons doesn’t mean it’s the wrong time to sell your home! Here are 5 winter selling myths – debunked!

1. There Are No Buyers

The winter months weed out many buyers who are on the fence or otherwise not committed to buying right now. Those people left looking for a house? They’re serious. And they’re seriously looking at your property as their next potential home. Winter weeds out window-shoppers who might not be motivated to buy.

2. No One Is Selling

It’s true there are typically less houses on the market during the winter, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Less homes on the market means less competition for the attention of those serious buyers who are looking to purchase. It’s the basic principles of supply and demand: with less supply, the demand for your home could be that much greater!

3. Winter Makes My Home Look Bad

Does it? There’s something to be said for the fresh green grass of spring, or the stunning fall colours, but a fresh blanket of snow can bring a magical touch to your home’s exterior. Trees with a heavy frost can be charming, and fresh snow can hide your house’s lackluster gardens or unmanicured lawn. Plus, have you seen the mountains covered in snow?

4. My House Won’t Show As Well

Your house will show its mettle in the winter. This is the time to show off how well your house is insulated, how your new roof handles the snow load or how your energy-efficient windows really keep out the cold.

5. I Won’t Get My Asking Price

This goes back to the supply-and-demand principle: with less homes on the market, buyers have less to choose from and are therefore more willing to pay your asking price. A study from Redfin found that homes were more likely to sell a week faster and sell for more money in the winter than spring.

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