June 15, 2022 Mountain Living

Local Living: Get around town this summer

By Kate Barker

The mountain towns are gearing up for a busy tourist season! This means more traffic, bear jams, and many lost-looking individuals stopping in the middle of the street to look at their maps. As a local, this means it may take longer to navigate life in the Bow Valley. Here are some tried and true ways to get around the mountains during the busy summer months.

  1. Get a Bike

Biking around town or between Banff and Canmore on the Legacy Trail is the secret to many locals arriving on time during the summer months. Both towns have well-established bike routes, and new infrastructure with lower speed limits make it easier than ever to bike in town. Check out Community Cruisers for great deals on used bikes and community workshops to keep it running in top form.

  1. Walk It Out

While not as fast as biking, the beautiful summer days are perfect for walking, admiring the views, and smelling the wildflowers. Canmore has an excellent trail network that connects downtown with surrounding residential neighbourhoods, and Banff is easy to navigate on foot. Both towns have pedestrian-only main streets in the summer, so you can walk away with your favourite cup of coffee while everyone else is looking for parking.

  1. Try Transit

Did you know ROAM Transit has local routes in Canmore and Banff? The Canmore local route is fare free, and the Banff local route is free for Banff residents. Consider taking the bus around town or to and from work as this will help reduce vehicles on the busy roads and you won’t have to worry about parking. ROAM’s regional routes connect Canmore, Banff, and Lake Louise, so there’s really no reason to add to traffic this summer.

  1. Take Your Time

Whether you’re driving, biking, walking, or taking transit, expect it to take longer to get around during the summer. Plan your errands in the morning or evening when it’s less busy and use alternate routes to avoid adding to the chaos. Embrace the busy season as the mountains come alive with returning tourists this summer and take a moment to appreciate the world-class beauty that surrounds our home.

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