August 9, 2022 Mountain Living

Summer Essentials

By Kate Barker

Summer is in full swing and that means it’s time to make the most of mountain living. With all the outdoor fun the mountains have to offer, your gear can add up – fast! But you don’t have to get lost in a sea of equipment just to enjoy the summer sun. Here are some ways to make the most of the sunshine with some key summer essentials.

Perfect Paddles

Is there anything as lovely as a summer paddle? Explore Johnson Lake or the Canmore Reservoir, or go with the flow on the Bow River – the area has some excellent water to explore. Canoes and kayaks are iconic summer essentials, but they take up a lot of storage space. SUPs are a great way to get in a summer paddle, and they take up significantly less room during the off season. Inflatable ones even roll up to fit in the car – no roof rack required!

On Top of the World

Of course hiking is a must during summer in the mountains. With so many trails to explore and peaks to conquer, you’ll want solid boots made for walking. A good pair of hiking boots is a worthwhile investment. They’ll last longer and provide better support for those tough climbs. To keep them lasting as long as possible, and to prevent a buildup of used-but-not-quite-garbage hiking boots kicking around your entryway, consider getting your boots repaired and resoled before they wear out.

Need for Speed

Mountain biking is a popular summer go-to. We’re fortunate to have world-class trails in our backyard. A good mountain bike is an investment, and you’ll want to protect that investment by having it properly tuned before hitting the trail and stored during the off season. There are a lot of wall storage devices for bikes that save space, but if you have a vacation home, there are also many great places to rent top quality mountain bikes that you don’t have to store when you’re not here. You can also ride the latest styles and technology without committing to the sticker price.

Soak up the Sun

Sunny days are great for golf, and with great courses in Banff, Canmore, and Kananaskis, there’s no reason to let your clubs get dusty. But if traditional golf just isn’t for you, or you don’t want to worry about the required gear, the area also has disc golf, which is an affordable way to spend some quality time with family and friends outside this summer. With minimal equipment, and no green fees or dress codes, everyone can enjoy the sunshine and mountain vistas.

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